About Us

FOUR RIVERS celebrates the beautiful, the useful, the lasting. Made by hand here in New Orleans, our bags are of the highest quality—Italian leather, genuine cotton fabrics—and with no unnecessary hardware or flashy logos. Two lifelong friends, we believe that what we carry should effortlessly fit in with our lifestyles, and that good design is a meeting of practicality and beauty. Our designs are inspired by the simplicity of our small-town childhoods, the adventure of our world travels, and the timelessness of the well-made.

Four Rivers is proud to hail from New Orleans and proud to support the local women who craft our products by hand. We believe in the good life, in the joys of travel, in the comfort of home, and in providing women like us with products that will last.

What's in a Name?

People often ask us, "Why Four Rivers?" We grew up together in the northeast corner of Louisiana on a lake that was once part of the Mississippi River. Farmers' daughters, we canoed and waterskied, had bonfires on the sandbar and went mud riding after a rain. We never took for granted our access to water and the outdoors and so, though it seems coincidental, it also seems right that after we left home, we each lived in cities on rivers. Four rivers each, one shared.

After the Mississippi, Beth lived in Atlanta on the Chattahoochee, in Nashville on the Cumberland, and on the Arno in Italy. Cassie lived on the Charles in Boston, the Rio de la Plata in Argentina, and the Singapore River. And now we find ourselves on the Mississippi again. We believe in the power and mystery of rivers-- in their energy and flow and in the life they give to all around them. In naming Four Rivers, we wanted to acknowledge that belief as well as the places we've been and where we began.

Our Hometown on the Mississippi