Meet Beth

Our products are personal to us because we designed them to fit with our lifestyle, to satisfy our design wishes and needs, to make us happy to look at and carry, and proud to have our names behind. So, we thought it might be helpful (and fun) for you to know a bit more about us behind Four Rivers, what inspires us and moves us and how we love to live our lives. Meet Beth.

Is there a story behind your name?

Edna Beth - I go by Beth but friends often call me Edna because they think it's funny.  A professor once told me that Edna is one of those old-fashioned names that's never coming back in style.  And, once, I went on an interview where I was told they half expected an 80 year old lady to walk in.  Despite these things, I am fiercely proud of my name.  My great-grandmother, grandmother, and aunt are all Ednas and I love that I get to carry on the name.  Beth is also of significance.  It's after my mom's friend from childhood who recently passed away.  She was such a strong lady with exceptionally white teeth who loved to laugh. 

What was your first car?

A 1986 red CJ 7 with a boombox strapped to the back because the radio didn't work.  I shared this vehicle with my 3 brothers who loved to have the top off of the Jeep.  My hair always looked quite frazzled. Oh, and the gas gauge did not work.  There were a few times we had to hitchhike to school.  

Someone you admire?

Oh gosh.  There are so many people I admire.  My grandparents definitely come to mind.  I learned so much from watching them.  I was fortunate enough to have my grandfather around for 27 years of my life.  And my grandmother is 93 and going strong.  I know unconditional love because of them. 

How’d you meet your husband?

Wynn and I met when we both lived in Nashville.  He worked at the same company where my younger brother worked.  We all became friends.  When my now husband called my brother to get my number, my brother asked why he wanted it.  Wynn replied that he wanted to ask me to go to the horse races that weekend.  To which my brother said, "She's not going to go." It took some convincing but he got my number.  And I did say no 4 times before he finally talked me into it... 

Tell us about your son.

Gus is SO MUCH FUN.  He is 2 1/2 and has quite an imagination.  He keeps us entertained.  Tonight, we hopped around the house pretending to be kangaroos.  He is a sweet boy who loves his mama...hope that never changes.  

Do you consider yourself lucky and why?

Heck yeah.  For so many reasons.  My family is healthy and happy.  We have a nice home in a great city.  We have jobs.  I have been granted innumerable opportunities in my life, including travel, education, and more that have shaped who I am.  I have started a business with a lifelong friend that will hopefully be successful. 

Favorite date spot in New Orleans?

Wine at Swirl, dinner at Lola's, a drink at the Roosevelt, brunch at Arnaud's. 

Favorite coffee spot?

Well, we go to the Bean Gallery the most.  It was near our first home in NO and we became regulars.  So, there is some loyalty there.  We also like Monkey Monkey, Fairgrinds and Spitfire.  And for a little kick, an iced Irish coffee at Finn McCool's. 

Favorite lunch…

So many good options in New Orleans...maybe Katie's?

Best way to spend a day here.

Walk or ride bikes with Wynn and Gus to get coffee at Fairgrinds or Pagoda Cafe.  Then head downtown to wander the French Quarter and get a frozen irish coffee at Mollys at the Market (when I am not pregnant).  Grab lunch at someplace we haven't tried before. Or go to Crescent Park and have lunch at Pizza Delicious.  Home for Gus's nap and relaxation.  Go to City Park to see the ducks.  Then pick up a sandwich at Canseco's, po-boy from Parkway or Mexican from Norma's and have a picnic on the bayou. 

Why do you love the Magnolia?

For all the obvious reasons...perfect size.  It holds everything I need and has enough pockets to keep it organized.  The colors are amazing and the lining is so much fun. 

Biggest pet peeve?

Well, maybe I have a few.  But, my husband says I am most annoyed by bad grammar.  

Something you’re looking forward to?

Baby #2!  And spreading the word about Four Rivers. 

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Back soon to introduce Cassie and what's in both of our Magnolias!

Posted on November 25, 2015 .